Electricity From the Strongest Magnet Possible



The strongest magnet known to man is a giant magnetic generator that weights more than 35 tons and is located at the US National Science Museum in Washington D.C. It was created in a large research laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida and it generates a massive electromagnetic field of up to 45 Tesla around it. This huge magnetic force acts in the direction of any foreign object that is near or captured within the field. This incredible attraction keeps objects on the generator’s fingers from moving away or out of alignment with the magnets.

This unique power can be tapped into by placing a bar magnet on a metal surface and then putting a north pole piece of the bar magnet next to the South Pole piece of the magnet. By placing the South Pole piece of the magnet next to the North pole piece of the bar magnet, you create a huge gap between them. This gap is the magnetic moment that acts to keep the objects on either side of the bar magnet from moving away from each other. A current of up to about 6 amps is produced by the generator, enough to power an electrical appliance or even a small television.


This technology is not new. Researchers have been utilizing this magnetic force for years but only recently have they been able to put it into practice in a working generator. Using tesla batteries, they were then able to turn the generated magnetic energy into AC current that the appliances could use. They call their invention the TESLA magnet engine.

These generators are the newest innovation when it comes to TESLA magnetic motors. Although these generators utilize a lot of electricity to work, they do so at a very low voltage. Since these magnets are so strong, they are able to pull considerable amounts of current, which translates into a power efficient generator. As you can see, there are several advantages to using a generator that is made of electromagnets.

Stronger magnets will always be necessary if you want to induce motion. This is why stronger magnets are placed near conductors. The reason is because these magnets will help produce a stronger magnetic field. A strong magnetic field will ensure that the object you wish to attract has a very strong pull. In fact, this is how magnets are used to pull heavy items such as cars and trucks.

Although temporary magnets might seem weaker than electromagnets, they are capable of producing an enormous amount of force. Because of this, these strong magnets can be placed anywhere you desire. For instance, you can place one near a large weight plate just outside the box you are building. This will generate a much greater pulling force. A similar effect can be achieved by placing a series of temporary magnets on a thin piece of wood. By making use of a thin wooden board rather than a solid surface, you can create a much stronger magnetic field.

A very interesting application for these strong magnetic motors is in the area of environmental cleanup. You will find that some of the most powerful magnet generators are those that are powered by rare earth elements. These rare earth metals such as magnetite have many beneficial characteristics when it comes to the human body. For example, magnetite is a very strong antioxidant that will help you to fight off any free radicals within your body that may harm your cells. This is why the use of these types of motors is so popular in the cleanup industry.

If you wish to construct your own magnet generator, you will need to find a way to create a steady flow of DC electricity. That way, your generator will be able to use the rare earth metal magnetite as the primary material within its magnetic coils. Once you have successfully created your own magnet motor, you will need to make use of a DC motor. In order to do that, you can make use of a bar magnet and an ordinary electrical motor. The DC motor will be used to turn the energy created within your magnet motor to DC power. As the magnet spins, the motor will create a motion that causes the DC current to flow through a wire and eventually to a power line that is connected directly to your home power supply.

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