My name is MrIntermag - Magnet Specialist I’ve been teaching for several years. This is my tenth year here in Maine Town. I am certified K-12 in Health / Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education, and Computer Literacy. I obtained my B.S. and M.A. from Kenya University.



How Long Do Magnets Last?

Modern magnets made from rare earth alloys, which are very strong, can last hundreds of years without losing their magnetic charge. These powerful tools can withstand external factors, such as impact, for centuries. Even...

Is Earth a Magnet?

If the Earth is a magnet, what are the reasons behind it? The main reason is that it's a large bar magnet. This means that the field of force is much more powerful at...

Who Discovered Magnets?

                      Who discovered magnets? The answer is William Gilbert. The famous scientist lived from 1879 to 1955. His discovery was a great breakthrough that led to the discovery of oscillators and frequency changers. It took...

How is a Magnet Made?

The process to produce magnets begins by heating a ferromagnetic material to its Curie temperature, which is approximately 16,000 degrees. This process produces a temporary magnetic field, which loses its strength over time. The...

What Are the Different Types of Magnets?

The types of magnets are classified according to their strength and density. A bonded magnet has a strong magnetic field, but the strength is low, while a sintered one has a weaker magnetic field....

What Exactly Is a Magnet?

A magnet is a material with an invisible magnetic field. It sticks objects to itself. In everyday life, you use magnets to stick postcards to your fridge. But a magnet's uses are much more...

Natural Magnetism

A natural magnet is described as a semi-conducting substance whose magnetic properties make it useful for movement. The properties of a magnet depend on its polarity and the number of magnets attached to it....

A Short History of Making a Metal Magnet

International student associations are working towards the accreditation of a magnetic metal detector that can detect non-metallic elements on a molecular level. This will allow for the easy identification of foreign students that present...

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How Long Do Magnets Last?

Is Earth a Magnet?

Who Discovered Magnets?

How is a Magnet Made?

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