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How Gann Calculates the Magnitude of Electric Field


Magnetica is an exquisite pendant lamp which combines perpetual motion with permanent magnets and LED lighting technology. Two unique bodies machined out of hollow blocks of pure aluminum, one polished and another lacquered in black, are held by the strong force of magnetic attraction of several magnets on opposite sides. Due to this attraction the two poles of the magnets push the bulb to the appropriate position inside the lamp base. The attractive aspect of magnetica pendants as part of the Lighting Effects is that the intensity of light emitted by them is uniform all over the globe.

In spite of the attractive aspect of magnetism for the house hold, it was not very useful until some time back. This was due to the inability to convert magnetism into electrical energy. Thus it remained practically an alternative energy source until recent years when scientists discovered the way to create a highly efficient magnetic field. They succeeded in deriving the ideal voltage level required to induce currents in conductive metals like steel and lead. This work gave birth to the concept of permanent magnet generator.

Magnetica as we know it today owes its existence to the discovery made by Nicola Tesla while he was experimenting to produce electricity. His plan was to produce and power a machine using permanent magnet generators. The machine was to run on the principle of magnetism but not directly on magnetism. Thus the generation of current involved in the process was not dependent of the strength of the attraction of magnets but depended on the strength of the induced electrical charge produced by the generator. This gave birth to the concept of magnetism and the world witnessed the birth of one of its great technological innovations-the electric motor.

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Magnetica owes its technological advancement to the innovation of Avi Gann, who worked independently for half a decade with the support of a small company called Gann Manufacturing Corporation. Gann conceived of the GEM, which was his modern version of the original magnetica. Later on, Gann incorporated various features into the standard features of magnetica that made it more convenient to manufacture the ubiquitous Urethane Ductless Products. The invention of Gann Urethane made the material more ubiquitous. Later on, Gann Manufacturing Corporation acquired the name of Magnetica in order to accommodate the fast paced transformations of this amazing material into household items.

The studies of Gann had revealed the fact that the magnetic fields produced by lightning had some effect on the metallic conductors. It resulted in the development of a non-conductive metal which could be used to produce electricity without any detrimental effect on the metals. Gann’s studies also revealed the study and analysis of numerous electrical charges and their effects on a metallic conductor. His experiments had shown that such a combination produced a very high voltage, which is the basis for the popularity of the modern day magnetism.

The Gann Electric Machine includes four major components: the magnetism generator, the battery, the control circuit and the output apparatus. The generator creates electromagnetic energy using the magnetism induced by the movement of the charge, which is in turn provided to the battery. This enables the owner to draw free power from the electricity circuit with the help of a remote control. The voltage produced by the circuit is measured with the help of an electric meter known as a GEM. The measurement of the current passing through the battery is known as magnetism and it is measured in Gms.

The magnetism generated by the battery is then sent to the control circuit through a series of copper wires. This transfer of electricity from the battery to the control circuit provides the user with the desired amount of electrical current. The magnetism also acts as a source of free energy, which is obtained when one end of the copper wire is immersed in the magnetism while the other end is connected to a source of electric current. When the magnetism is restored, this state is known as the magnetized state.

The Gann method is used in manufacturing various different products based on magnetism. For example, a magnetized rubber is used to manufacture various products such as hand tools, shoes, belts and socks. Several other industries also make use of the Gann method. In medicine, Gann methods are used to calculate the time and dose of medication such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Magnetized materials such as magnets are used in medical imaging such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Another important medical application of Gann techniques is in the detection of internal bleeding using ultrasound technology.

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My name is MrIntermag - Magnet Specialist I’ve been teaching for several years. This is my tenth year here in Maine Town. I am certified K-12 in Health / Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education, and Computer Literacy. I obtained my B.S. and M.A. from Kenya University.

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