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The IEEE Magnetics Society is the leading international professional organization for magnetism and related professionals throughout the world. The IEEE Magnetics Society promotes the advancement of science, technology, applications and training in magnetism. It fosters presentation and exchange of information among its members and within the global technical community, including education and training of young engineers and scientists. It seeks to nurture positive interactions between all national and regional societies acting in the field of magnetism.

IEEE Magnetics
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 attocube is technology leader in nanoscale cryogenic measurement instrumentation, including low vibration closed-cycle cryostats, cryo-optical tables and various measurement inserts compatible with low temperatures & high magnetic fields, used for research techniques such as MFM, PFM and KPFM. attoAFM/CFM, the combined atomic force and confocal microscope, serves as a platform for NV magnetometry. attocube’s powerful all-in-one solution for transport measurements – the attoTMS - combines the Nanonis TrameaTM electronics with the atto3DR rotator that effectively replaces a 3D vector magnet by a solenoid.

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CAPRES A/S is a nano-technology based company.

Our unique probe technology is designed for in-line production monitoring in the semiconductor industry where our fully automated tools for mass production are used at four of the leading computer chip companies.

Our unique probe and tool technology is ideal for R&D as well as production monitoring because it allows direct measurements of Sheet Resistance, Hall Mobility, and Active Carrier Density on very thin conducting films down to a few nm directly on 300 mm product wafers or smaller samples without sample preparation.

Our unique CIPTech® tool is the preferred method for characterizing magnetic films in the MRAM and Read Head industry.

CAPRES, a KLA Company
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The evico magnetics GmbH was founded in 2006 as spin-off of the Leibniz Institut for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) Dresden. The main products are: (i) Advanced magneto-optical wide field Kerr microscope system for the visualization of magnetic domains and magnetization processes in all kinds of magnetic materials. 

evico magnetics
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GMW offers Electromagnet Systems for magnetic material, thin film, and spintronics studies including the Miniature Projected Field Electromagnet family of: 5201 for in-plane fields; 5203 for vertical fields; 5204 for true 3-axis vector field; 5205 series for larger volume, modest vertical fields; and 5207 for vertical fields to +/-1T.

Dipole magnets for FMR applications and full-wafer test are available with fields to +/-2T and true bipolar operation, along with HTS-110 compact Electromagnets including Short Solenoids to +/-3T and Projected Field magnets to +/- 2T.

We also offer One- and Three-component Magnetic Sensors, Transducers and Field Mappers, including: Metrolab Three-Component Magnetic Field Probes with USB Interface and LabView software, full-scale, calibrated ranges of +/-100uT, +/-8mT, +/-3T and +/-14T; Senis One-, Two and Three-Component Hall Transducers with analog output, full-scale field ranges to +/-20T and frequency response from dc to 75kHz that can be used stand-alone or in Senis Magnetic Field Mapping Systems; and Group3 High Precision Digital Probes with traceable calibration to 12T.


GMW Associates
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Hiden Analytical
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Hprobe designs, manufactures and sells Automated Test Equipment (ATE) for the semiconductor industry. It currently offers the fastest wafer-level magnetic tester for next-generation MRAM and magnetic sensors.

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Based in Wellington, New Zealand, HTS-110 designs and manufactures High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) products including compact cryogen-free magnets, motor coils and CryoSaver™ current leads. HTS-110 magnets are used in many research areas including Magnetism, Quantum Hall Effect, Thin Films, X-Ray & Neutron Scattering, Spintronics and Superconducting Materials. Industrial applications include permanent magnet testing, data storage, and MRAM device testing.

Products include:

  • Standard solenoid magnets up to 14 T with RT bore from Ø40 mm to Ø80 mm
  • Standard fast ramping split-pair magnets up to 12 T
  • Vector magnets
  • Vertical and horizontal projected field magnets
  • Custom magnets

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Intlvac Thin Film provides PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and IBE (Ion Beam Etch) systems for precision optics, magnetic materials, metals and oxides. Out in-house development lab designs, engineers and manufactures machinery and processes used for PVD and IBE using Ion Assisted Thermal and Electron Beam Evaporation, Reactive and non-Reactive Magnetron. 

Intlvac Thin Film
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Lake Shore offers electromagnet-based VSMs for characterizing magnetic properties over a range of temperatures (4.2 K to 1273 K) and fields to 3.42 T. Among these is the award-winning 8600 Series VSM, which combines high sensitivity (33 nemu), measurement speed (10 ms/pt), and simple operation in a system capable of accurately characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease. Also available: magnetic test and measurement instruments, including gaussmeters and a new line of dependable, precise, easy-to-use teslameters, as well as cryogenic probe stations with integrated field magnets for on-wafer magneto-transport, DC, RF, or microwave measurements.

Lake Shore Cryotronics
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Materion offers the widest range of high purity thin film materials to meet your advanced memory requirements. We have a comprehensive portfolio of specialty materials to support STT-RAM (MRAM) applications. These include fine-microstructure precious metals such as Palladium alloys, Platinum alloys, Iridium alloys and Ruthenium. We manufacture high purity tunnel junction materials of Magnesium, Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium-Aluminum alloys. Our casting and purification technology produces CoFe and CoFeB alloys with very low oxygen impurity. In addition, we offer services such as sputter target bonding, precision parts cleaning, and precious / high value metal reclamation services.

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Metrolab Technology SA is the global market leader for precision magnetometers, used to measure high-intensity magnetic fields to a very high degree of precision.

Our customers include:

  • All MRI and magnet manufacturers
  • Accelerator and calibration labs
  • OEM customers

Our products include:

  • NMR Precision Teslameters: The gold standard for magnetometers
  • NMR Magnetic Field Cameras: Map whole-body MRI magnets
  • Precision Digital Integrators: Measure or map complicated fields
  • 3-axis Hall Magnetometers: Total field, quick and easy
Metrolab Technology SA
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MicroSense is a leading manufacturer of magnetic measurement systems for research and production. MicroSense VSMs are sensitive, easy to use, fast and versatile. The MicroSense VSMs offer the highest field, the highest maximum temperature and the widest range of options of any resistive magnet VSM. Options offered including low and high temperature, Magneto-resistance (AC and DC, in-plane and perpendicular), Vector/Torque, FMR, MOKE and automatic sample loading. MicroSense also offers a range of non-contact, full wafer or disk research and production metrology systems for in-plane and perpendicular MRAM, hard disk, recording head and sensor manufacturing process control.

MicroSense, a KLA Company
NanoMagnetics Instruments Ltd.
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NanoScan is a member of the IonTof group of companies. We are specialized in high-vacuum Scanning Probe Microscopes and our flagship microscope, the VLS-80, offers a high-end standalone solution for high-vacuum SPM. It runs all SPM modes of imaging and is equipped with two phase-locked loops to enable dual frequency modes. Magnetic imaging is a key strength of the VLS-80, with 550 mT out-of-plane, 200 mT in-plane magnetic field options and 10-nm lateral resolution guaranteed; an industry best. The large stage offers excellent positioning repeatability over the complete range of 100mm x 100mm.

NanoScan AG
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NANI represents Futek Furnance, a magnetic anneal furnace supplier; Hprobe, a automated wafer level magnetic tester supplier and Nordiko Technical Services, a IBD, IBE and PVD process tool supplier in North America including Canda and Mexico.

North American Nanotech, Inc.
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Physics Today is the most influential and closely followed physics magazine in the world; the magazine with journal credibility—reliable coverage you want, from fields inside and outside your own. Every month, Physics Today’s readership of 105,000+ scientists & engineers engage with authoritative content, including feature articles on peer-reviewed research & overviews of cutting-edge advances, historical perspectives, & novel tools that span the physical sciences. Stay connected with developments across many fields with a discount subscription. Just $25 for all 12


Physics Today
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Qnami AG is a spin-off from the University of Basel in Switzerland, which develops new sensors based on diamond quantum technologies. In 2019 they release the first quantum microscope to the market to perform non-perturbative magnetic imaging at the nanoscale. Qnami's products address the demand across different applications from fundamental material science. 

Qnami AG
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Quantum Design manufactures automated material characterization systems providing temperatures from 0.05 to 1000 K, magnetic fields up to 16 tesla, and a wide range of measurements., including:  VSM magnetometry,  magneto resistance, sample rotator, thermal expansion, Raman spectroscopy, FMR and SPM.  Platforms include the PPMS ®, MPMS®3, VersaLab, and DynaCool.   Quantum Design also recently introduced an innovative 7 tesla magneto-optical cryostat (OptiCool™).  All systems have cryogen free options.  Quantum Design also manufactures advanced heliiuheliumfiers (ATL80, ATL 160) and recovery systems.  They distribute direct write, e-beam and nano-lithography systems, NanoMOKE, single crystal furnaces, AFM for SEM/FIB, SNSPD based single photon detectors and time tagging electronics

Quantum Design
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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES – Innovations for New Technologies 

SINGULUS develops and assembles innovative machines and systems for efficient and resource-saving production processes. The company‘s core competencies include various processes of coating technology, surface treatment and wet-chemical and thermal production processes. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a renowned manufacturer of advanced thin-film deposition equipment for magnetics, MRAM, thin-film head, and other semiconductor applications. The systems offer a reliable deposition of ultra-thin metallic and insulating films down to a thickness of one nanometer and below and stacks of such films with very precise material thickness and high uniformity specifications.

Singulus Technologies AG