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A natural magnet is described as a semi-conducting substance whose magnetic properties make it useful for movement. The properties of a magnet depend on its polarity and the number of magnets attached to it. An example of such a natural magnet could be a magnetized lodestone. Another example of a natural magnet would be iron pyrrhotate. These two examples of a natural magnet could be used to explain how a magnet could be used during study abroad. Studying abroad requires the international student to have a variety of items that they can take with them from home to assist in their studies.

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Studying abroad will require the international student to carry their study materials with them, most commonly these items would be books and various other reading material such as dictionaries and manuals on science and other interesting books. However, there will also be times when the international student will need to use a portable electronic device such as a laptop or a cell phone. In this case, the portable device will need a power adapter to make the battery charge and provide a USB outlet to attach the electrical appliance to.

In order to determine if there is any practical use for a natural magnet other than an item for study abroad, it is necessary to understand the way that magnets actually work. All objects in the universe contain unique electrical charges which are produced by a unique magnetic field. The unique electrical charge of an object is called its magnetism. A magnet has two polar opposites that are named north and south poles. There are many objects that possess a dipole moment, which can be measured in units known as amperes. This measure of the dipole moment of an object gives an idea of its polarity.

Many of the objects that we use in our daily lives contain varying amounts of natural magnetism. Some of these include the magnets used in your computer, alarm clock, calculator, cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), power tools, and medical equipment. Some of these, like the magnets in your cell phone, are permanent while others such as your calculator are not. The magnets in your computer are generally considered permanent because they are used to power the computer itself while the alarm clock and other devices are considered not permanent because they do not have their own inherent magnetic power. However, the magnetic fields created by permanent magnets are significantly stronger than those created by most other kinds of permanent magnets found in our world.

It cannot be denied that a magnet can have both a permanent and an artificial form. For example, a natural magnet does not lose its magnetism even when it is removed from its original environment. However, when you place an artificial magnet next to a natural magnet, the two will repel one another due to their unequal alignment. Furthermore, it would be impossible for a natural magnet to have a permanent polarity because it would lose its magnetism after being exposed to air for a long enough period of time.

Because of this fact, scientists have proposed a number of ways on how to create a magnet that is free of its natural magnetism. In the past, this has been accomplished by the application of heat to induce the transformation of iron oxide to ferric oxide which results to the production of what we know as magnetism. However, recent developments have now been able to produce a substance known as black iron which has the properties of magnetism.

Black iron differs from regular iron because it has two opposite poles, or poles of opposite charge. Because of this characteristic, scientists were able to demonstrate that magnetism is caused by the mutual attraction and repulsion between the magnets rather than by the presence of mutual repulsion between the two poles. Because of this discovery, scientists have been able to use black iron to create a magnetic field by subjecting it to high temperatures which caused the poles to align themselves, resulting to the formation of a stable magnetic field.

The alignment of magnets induced by the black iron has the effect of inducing a strong north magnetic field while the opposite poles attract and repel each other. When these two magnets are aligned, the induced magnetic fields then cancel one another out resulting to a zero charge energy. When the black substance was exposed to different intensities of alternating magnetic fields, it was observed that the substance began to accumulate a certain amount of hydrogen atoms in its molecules as a result of which it was electrically charged. This observation further concluded that the charged molecules are actually composed of hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

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